May 13, 2023 15:55

«The geography of river cruises is expanding»: Russia’s most modern river ship arrived to Perm for the first time

May 11, 2023 15:53

In Perm, volunteers collected over 10 tons of garbage in the small rivers valleys

Within the «Spring Clean Cup-2023» eco-activists carried out a trash-cleanup action organized in «Clean Games» in the valleys of the rivers Danilikha, Uinka, Zelyonka. Over 400 people took part in the «Spring Clean Cup».
May 9, 2023 15:57

The residents and guests of the city enjoyed various interactive locations in the city Esplanade and on the Embankment .

May 9, 2023 15:56

War-time songs, Esplanade Technology Exhibition and Waterfront Concert: Perm Celebrates the Victory Day

Representatives of regional and city authorities and the public honored the memory of the participants of the Great Patriotic War at the monument to «Heroes of the Front and Rear». Mayor of Perm Aleksey Demkin took part in the ceremony.
April 21, 2023 15:19

Mayor of Perm Aleksey Demkin met Consul-General of People’s Republic of China

«Glorious history, great city»: this was the description of our city by Chinese Consul General on his first visit to Perm. During the meeting with the Perm Mayor, they discussed the issues of further cooperation between Perm and China.
April 15, 2023 15:15

Perm authorities during the citywide cleanup action (“Subbotnik”) cleaned up the small rivers valleys

Mayor of Perm Aleksey Demkin and the city administration employees joined the city spring cleaning on April 15. This year it included the locations of future eco-parks in the valleys of the Egoshikha and the Danilikha rivers.