City Government

The structure of the city government includes:

- the Mayor of Perm City who is the highest authority in Perm City; the Mayor heads the Perm City Administration and is vested by the City’s Charter with own powers to decide on local issues;

The Mayor of Perm is appointed by the representative body of municipal government through a competitive process. The Mayor is then contracted to the position for the period of five years.

- Perm City Duma (city council), a representative body of local  authority acting on a permanent basis. The Duma is a collective body elected to represent the residents of Perm City; its central function is law-making. The Duma consists of 36 councillors (members) elected for a 5-year period at municipal elections  held on the basis of general, equal, direct and secret vote  through a mixed structure (22 members are elected in single-member constituencies, 14 – by proportional representation from party lists, the whole city forming a single constituency. At present 5 political parties are represented in the Perm City Duma, each of them forming a faction. 

- Perm City Administration, an executive body headed by the Mayor of Perm following the single-management principle;

- Perm City Audit Chamber, a local authority body appointed by and accountable to the city Duma.